LOGISTICS | The process of coordinating and moving resources from one location to the storage of the desired destination.

STORAGE MANAGEMENT | The management of product and information flow within, to and from a storage / warehouse facility. A warehouse is a planned space for the storage and handling of goods and material.

WorldSport boasts an in-house Storage and Logistics Management team focussed on ensuring our clients’ branding items are in good order and ready for deployment at short notice.

With transport capabilities up to 10 tons (road freight), our experienced team will sort, package, label, transport, store and document items. We also offer the added benefit of a written report post-storage, identifying elements where replacement, repair or replenishment is required. Close partnership with our production team means a cost-effective quote can be supplied for any required products.

Further to branding and project delivery-related services, our S&L team offer office relocation and temporary storage solutions for organisations looking to temporarily down-scale or relocate to smaller premises.

Our full portfolio of Storage & Logistics Services includes:

  • Transport
  • On site Branding deployment & management
  • Inventory, Packaging & Labelling
  • Quality check reports with Replace, Replenish, Repair or Recycle recommendations
  • Short term / Long term storage solutions


For more than 26 years, WorldSport South Africa has been providing clients with strategic and service delivery solutions that drive brand advocacy, participation and sales.

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