Space Planning | Assessment of how a space is used. Space planning considers who will be using the space and what they will be using it for. When done well, space planning takes into account visitor traffic patterns, as well as necessary space in between furniture pieces and fixed infrastructure.

A space plan is a to-scale drawing which includes the architectural elements of the space (doors, windows, and immovable objects)

Whether you’re planning a large public space or looking for the best social distancing solution for your workplace, we are able to create the visuals needed to sell your ideas, from the initial sketch to the completed work. WorldSport South Africa believes in working closely with our clients, to create high-end visuals for your specific needs.

3D Modelling | The art of working with geometry, different materials, lighting, surroundings, and textures to create a 3D visualization that represent certain objects and spaces.

WorldSport South Africa provides the following Space Planning and 3D Modelling services:
• CAD drawings
• Building and venue space planning
• Event and activation layouts
• Shop layout & interior design conceptualisation’

Our systematic approach allows for a fully collaborative and agile process during every phase of the design journey.


For more than 26 years, WorldSport South Africa has been providing clients with strategic and service delivery solutions that drive brand advocacy, participation and sales.

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